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dBBQs: dataBase of Bacterial Quality scores

By December 29, 2017January 13th, 2018News, Publications

Visanu Wanchai, Preecha Patumcharoenpol, Intawat Nookaew and David Ussery
From The 14th Annual MCBIOS Conference
Little Rock, AR, USA. 23-25 March 2017


It is well-known that genome sequencing technologies are becoming significantly cheaper and faster. As a result of this, the exponential growth in sequencing data in public databases allows us to explore ever growing large collections of genome sequences. However, it is less known that the majority of available sequenced genome sequences in public databases are not complete, drafts of varying qualities. We have calculated quality scores for around 100,000 bacterial genomes from all major genome repositories and put them in a fast and easy-to-use database.

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