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Machine Learning Methods in Drug Discovery

By November 12, 2020Publications

Lauv Patel, Tripti Shukla, Xiuzhen Huang, David W. Ussery and Shanzhi Wang

Molecules. 2020; 25(22):5277.


The advancements of information technology and related processing techniques have created a fertile base for progress in many scientific fields and industries. In the fields of drug discovery and development, machine learning techniques have been used for the development of novel drug candidates. The methods for designing drug targets and novel drug discovery now routinely combine machine learning and deep learning algorithms to enhance the efficiency, efficacy, and quality of developed outputs. The generation and incorporation of big data, through technologies such as high-throughput screening and high through-put computational analysis of databases used for both lead and target discovery, has increased the reliability of the machine learning and deep learning incorporated techniques. The use of these virtual screening and encompassing online information has also been highlighted in developing lead synthesis pathways. In this review, machine learning and deep learning algorithms utilized in drug discovery and associated techniques will be discussed. The applications that produce promising results and methods will be reviewed.

Keywords machine learning; drug discovery; deep learning; in silico screening

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